The Wal-Mart Ozark Trail Knife

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Conventional Wisdom

One of the absolute “must haves” is a knife. Not just a knife, but as many and varied as you can afford (within reason). In a worst case scenario, knives will be some of the more valuable commodities you should have on hand. I’m sure conventional wisdom would be to buy the best quality that you can afford. I guess that’s probably true, for at least the one or two on which you will always want to be able to rely. That being said, they can get pretty costly. A good basic knife, folding or straight, can easily cost $50.

The Ozark Trail Knife

I’m going to suggest something that goes a little against conventional wisdom. Stock up on as many as you can of the highest quality but cheapest priced knife that you can find. Wal-Mart sells a good pocket knife that fits the bill. It costs $1.00. It is the Ozark Trail serrated lock blade pocket knife sold in the camping section.

Ozark Trail Chinese Knife in Package

Ozark Trail Chinese Knife in Package

It’s got about a 3 inch stainless steel blade, with a plastic handle. I carry one everyday and it does the job for my day to day activities. The beauty of this knife is that it performs well, and is so cheap that I don’t care if it breaks or I lose it! By the way, I’ve lost 2 or 3, but haven’t ever broken one.

The other great benefit, also because of the quality and price, is that you can afford to stock up on these. In a SHTF scenario, you’ll need backups. They would also be a great barter item, and how many of your friends and family won’t have even a single knife of their own? And no, the band-aid isn’t because I cut myself! ;)

Ozark Trail Chinese Knife In Palm

Ozark Trail Chinese Knife In Palm

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